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The Home page image shows an image of Regina transformed into a Butterfly, symbol of delightful colours. It is a cartoon style elaboration of a polaroid snapshot taken by Andy Warhol while he was preparing the two portraits of Regina which have been seen in so many recent international exhibitions. The theme of the Butterfly inspired Regina to create the collage where her "Designer Scarf" is tied around the neck of the Polaroid snapshot in the pop art style that Andy would maybe have liked. Design and collage, initially conceived separately, become a precious synthesis in Regina's creative process, reflecting her artistic bond with one of the great protagonists of 20th Century art. “The scarf is a caress on our...

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The idea of making a special gift for health workers who are in the front line during this terrible pandemic comes from my admiration for their heroic commitment and from the desire to transmit a message of hope and encouragement. Just as Nature always bounces back with its brightly coloured flowers that nourish the busy, nectar seeking bees, we need to be ready to bounc back to a new Renaissance. Dedicating of this donation to the passion and professional efficiency of hospital workers and the personnel of Institutions of excellence in this tough battle against Covid 19 is getting a very positive reaction. This fills me with satisfaction and - yes - with pride for having designed this postcard of...

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